The mobile tag technology is being introduced nice and slow on the market. Up to this date only the Asian markets has a large penetration of this technology, that makes printed material far more interactive. One of the coolest uses for it, is to use the tags on a business card. Please scan my personal information presented here with your QR Code reader or let me show you how to do it yourself. It is surprisingly simple!

The Quick Respond Code, QR Code, or Mobile tag was introduced in 2006, and is in fact an expansion of the standard bar code that has been printed on products and packaging since the sixties and early seventies. A standard bar code has only the capacity to store a series of about 22 digits and are therefore of a very limited use. By making the bar code two-dimensional the tag may in fact be made to hold hundreds of characters, with all kinds of information imaginable. The use of the patent is free for anyone and creating the codes are like a walk in the park.

There is, in fact, a standard for creating mobile tags containing personal information. This information is stored in QR vCard format. This has all the standard fields found in any address book application, and when scanned with a special application using a camera in a mobile phone, the viewer can easily call the number, send an e-mail or simply save it in their phone. Imagine a world when typing in a stack of business cards after a meeting is but a thing of the past.

I recommend using the site that has an adorable interface for creating many different kinds of QR-Codes, depending on your needs. You find the QR Code option to the far right in the interface. Just type in your information and it will automatically generate your QRv Card tag on the fly.

The web site is offering a super simple interaface for creating your mobile tag business card. Just knock yourself out and click download when you are done!

Here is a larger version of my own personal information stored in a tag:

My personal information stored in a mobile tag created by

The next step for me is to get around to design a new business card with this tag. I’m thinking of printing the tag kind of large, with shiny silver foil.

In order to read other peoples QR tag vCards you will need to download a QR code scanner to your phone. There are several options available. I have tested a few but am, quite frankly,  not överly impressed with anyone I have tried so far. Make sure to test your scanner app thoroughly though. One app I tried did not even scan vCards correctly at all. Others only support some of the fields in the card. Search for “qr card reader” in your app store and start testing. Most of the readers are free as well. In this post several readers supporting several devices are rated.

In this post you can find some examples of how people have integrated their tag on their business card!

Please add a comment or drop me an note showing your use of the QR vCard on your business card.

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    intressant! och bra tajming dessutom – det börjar bli dags att beställa nya visitkort.

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