We at NetRelations can absolutely recommend Mårten’s course in sketching technique. This intensive seminar has made an immediate impact on all our staff. Our drawing skills improved instantly and with it came a new and more inspiring approach to both the way we discuss internally to how we communicate with our clients. Almost like creativity-in-a-box!

Mårten told us about he’s sketching seminar on a lunch and decided then and there to give it a go. Conceptual sketching is something every one seems to be talking about but something that never really gets used in a more structured way. We at NetRelations work with sites daily and my guess was that the seminar could help us to improve the sketching and make it more common. I did not realize that it would work as an instant facilitator of creativity, also among the non designers.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced web professionals specialized in creating websites that are attractive, accessible and usable. We have skilled designers and developers with experience in system architecture, interactivity, as well as on line marketing.

An intensive seminar

Mårten started the seminar by focusing our attention on how we work today. After laying out our process and getting the opportunity to discuss our own processes for a bit, we realized that we sometimes rush a bit too quickly to the computer to create graphics when we maybe could be more effective if we stayed in the creative sketching mode for just a tiny bit longer.

After the initial discussion we went head first into very basic practical sketching technique. I haven’t thought of that there are differences by a line and a line. With just a few moments of practice many of the guys actually impressed themselves with how fast the drawing could improve. I especially liked the way Mårten showed us how an arrow could get more expressive and clear only by drawing it the other direction.

I followed Mårtens advice and are now using a drawing board rather than the sketching pad I used before. Silgle sheets of paper is much easier to work with.

The course had an instant effect on the guys. The same day off they went, to buy all the gear Mårten recommended and the following day the new technique came alive on a previously planned workshop with one of our clients. The subject for the workshop was to create a new search functionality, and boy, I must tell you that the result of the workshop turned out by far to be the most inventive search-feature this company ever created

Sketching is here to stay

Sketching has, in the short time since the course, quite surprisingly I might add, become a common part of our way of working. For me personally, being a project manager, sketching has made a great impact on the way I work as well. Almost every time i meet a client some kind of idea or solution is expressed. With the help of Mårten’s sketching technique I now go right ahead and draw what I hear. Not only do I now get instant feedback, the very same image also works as a powerful input for the designers and developers back at the office. By making several Xerox copies of a browser window I drawn before hand, my clip board is locked and loaded for every challenge in client meetings or internal discussions.

I highly recommend this training for everybody involved in creating web sites or any other interactive media. Not only for designers and technicians but for managers as well.

All and all has this intensive seminar has worked like magic on our team, almost creativity-in-a-box!

Here is the seminar presentation. Enjoy!

/ Mikael Palmér, project manager, NetRelations AB


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