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Cool sketching session with Mårten

Cloud Nine is one of Sweden’s largest independent provider of web solutions. The company has been around since 1999 and apparently they know how the web works. It was therefore quite the honor to be asked to hold a seminar about my sketching techniques in regards on how to not to rush to finished designs before knowing if the functions are as optimal as they can be. The Creative Director Martin Bystedt was quite happy with the seminar and has found use of the technique in the work:

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Mårten’s sketching seminar was like creativity-in-a-box

We at NetRelations can absolutely recommend Mårten’s course in sketching technique. This intensive seminar has made an immediate impact on all our staff. Our drawing skills improved instantly and with it came a new and more inspiring approach to both the way we discuss internally to how we communicate with our clients. Almost like creativity-in-a-box!

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Mårten Angner | Interaction Design Technology | Fredsborgsgatan 25 117 58 Stockholm | | +46707770579