Seminars & workshops

To preach what I practice is equally as important as to practice what I preach. I therefore offer seminars and workshops for design and media agencies as well as Berghs School.

One of the most important parts of my business is to pass on to others what I have learned through the years. One of the goals is to make myself not needed. I know from experience that my services is only sustainable if I can help my clients to be less dependent of outside help. If I can ensure that the value of my services is obtained in this way I will never fear to be out of work. A true win win situation if you will.

Inspirational seminars

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in interactive business and marketing, social media, usability and agile software development is not always easily done on your own. Sometimes all organizations need a boost of inspiration from outside in order to think outside the common patterns.

My inspirational seminars are often between 1 and 2 hours long and is put together according to the wishes expressed by the inviting party. One example of

Practical workshops


I have a number of very specific methods I have worked out over the years. I give workshops custom tailored for the particular.

  • Interactive sketching technique – In order to work efficiently with software development and the communication that goes with it being able to express an interactive idea with clear and neat paper and white board sketches is proven to be very useful. Most people, including most designers however are not comfortable showing their drawings for clients and
  • Agile interface design –  a large part of the technical development community are now working with, or seriously considering agile development in one way or another. Methods like scrum and others alike are very common. The problem is that very few methods include non developers in the development team in a good way. Designers has different needs than a developer and every. In the form of a seminar I help the team discuss their agile work flow in order to create a
  • Prototype development using Adobe Fireworks and Axure — One of the secrets behind creating great software is to create great prototypes during the design process. In this seminar I teach effective methods for using a combination of state of the art prototyping software to create stunning visualizations with a minimum of effort.
  • Design specification technique – Most designers are unfamiliar with relating to their design in text. Most designers have no problem presenting a design solution on a meeting but have a hard time defining the design and the ideas behind it in written text. I have found that there is much to gain by letting the designer specifying the design.