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Hi, I’m Mårten Angner, a user interface designer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. What drives me in my work is beauty, accessibility and ultimately the communication between people. I believe firmly that enabling communication is crucial for the future of our planet. My contribution to the world is in create services and systems that are beautiful, fun and easy to use.

As a designer I like working with minimalistic functional design where the solution itself is self evident and appealing without having to be covered by heavy graphics. In all aspects of my work I apply the effect management perspective that states that all design is there to meet a certain goal. My philosophy is that the interaction, the technical solution and interaction needs to be created together in harmony with none of them putting the other aside.

I am a passionate advocate for democracy, personal integrity and freedom of speech, especially on the Internet. My opinion is that a free Internet is the only insurance for our freedom in the future.

The last couple of years I have taken on as a mission to fullfill all my personal dreams. One example is that I’m building a house on Öland, Swedens second largest island located on the east coast. Besides the above I do take riding lessons, love modern art and cooking Italian and Asian cuisine.

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Aug 1990 – May 1994
Secondary school

Grafiskt utbildningscenter in Uppsala, Sweden. The education covered among other things: typography and pre-press techniques, led typing, early digital setting systems and desktop publishing using Macintosh. I completed my thesis by working as a designer for a new experimental magazine, in Stockholm March 1 to may 4 1994

Military service

Nov 1994 – Jan 1996
Royal Swedish navy

I did my compulsory military service at the Royal Swedish Navy as a photographer. With my design background I was asked to redesign the Navy’s logotype.

Freelancing Designer

Mar 1993 – Present day
Mårten Angner Interface & Design

Only 17 years of age, and in the last year of my graphic education I started my own freelancing design venture. In the beginning the assignments was mainly small local businesses and nightclubs in Uppsala and Stockholm.

Jan 2000 – Present day
A walk in the park

I founded a free lance network for self employed professional working with new media. This collective were functioning as a virtual web design agency. At its peek a total of 13 designers, copy writers, developers, and project managers were engaged in web site projects.


Mar 2007 – Mar 2008
Interaction architect and IT-management consultant, inUse AB

Swedens largest usability consultant agency with offices in all three of Swedens largest cities, Stockholm, Gothenburgh and Malmö. With my qualifications as a designer I was invited to join the inUse, I worked with usability and design issues in large scale IT-projects for both government agencies as corporations. During my time at inUse I came to master the effect management method.

Oct 2005 – Mar 2007
Web designer and user interface designer, Eniro Sverige AB

Eniro issues the Yellow pages and offers the most well respected directory inquiries in Sweden. I was offered the exiting opportunity to work with user interface design in a great variety of projects leaving a footprint in both consumers and business to business applications as well as social networking applications. In one project for example, I helped the key account managers to communicate with the most prestigious customers in order to create custom solutions in the Swedish yellow pages. Apart from the design tasks this assignment also included user interviews and the identification of user need and requirements for the services I worked with.

2004 – Feb 2005
Interaction designer, Backbone Consulting AB.

In over 15 years this company has developed customer relations management systems, CRM, supporting the sales and marketing process for their customers. My role was redesign their main applications from scratch, updating and apply a more modern look and feel and at the same time make the whole application more accessible and easier to use.

Feb 2005 – May 2005
Interaction designer and art director, Mobispine AB

This Stockholm based company provides a carrier-independent IP-based communication platform, with solutions for providing interactive mobile content. My challenging assignment was to design and provide usability expertise for mobile Java applications and design the company logo and graphic profile as well as presentation material brochures and investment information. I also ha the opportunity to advice the most prominent clients in the design of their mobile applications.

Feb 1999 – Jul 1999
Art Director, Drax Industries

At drax I designed both web sites and printed material. This also included working on usability and user interface design. Among other projects i designed the web site and on line booking features for SF-Bio Sweden’s largest cinema distributor.

Nov 1997 – Jan 1999
Web art director, ETC production

ETC is a well established political publication started bythe Journalist Johan Erenberg in the 80’s. The business grew and in the late 90’s became a full service publishing company and new media design agency. My responsibilities included Designing and weekly updating the web publication for the respected and well known cultural and political debate publication ETC.


Mar 2009 – May 2009
Interactive marketing and design, Berghs School of Communication

I gave a 10 weeks evening class in Interactive advertisement and design. The target group was is designers and copy writers that are working with non-interactive marketing and design today and wish to expand their knowledge and experience in designing for interactive media. The course was very appreciated and in the evaluation all students gave the course the grade 4 or above on a 5 grade scale.

Mar 2010 – May 2010
Design and Interactive marketing, Berghs School of Communication

Based on the good feedback from the first round Berghs School of communication decided to offer my course in interactive marketing again.

Public speaker

May 2010
Nordic E-commerce Summit 2010

I was invited to present my work with eye tracking in e-commerce applications for 700 participants on the annual Nordic E-commerce Summit 2010 at Hotel Rival in Stockholm. Learn more

Jun 2010
International Eye Tracking UX Conference 2010 I was invited to present my work with analyzing and presenting eye tracking data using collaborative publishing techniques, at the annual Eye Tracking UX conference. It was a true honor to be invited to speak to this crowd consisting of some of the worlds most skilled usability consultants market researchers. Learn more

Computer and design skills

I am completely familiar with design and production using both Mac OS and PC platforms, I am especially proficient at Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and their integration. My preferred web site design programmers include Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver. In some projects I have also worked with the integration of Adobe Flash.

One of my more important qualifications as a designer is my insights in accessibility and new web standards including the Verva guidelines for the 24h government authority service websites.

In many of the project in the past I have integrated both open source and commercial platforms like Bloging tools, Web publication, e-commerce and customer relation management systems, CRM.

I have a wide technical understanding of the exact possibilities and limitations in the production of both web based and desktop applications using and combining HTML, D-HTML, X-HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, ASP, PHP, SQL, CGI, Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft .net. Furthermore I have extensive experience the of HTML 3.2 coding. Other Skills


Welcome to take part of some comments of my work published on this site.

Complete list of references is sent upon request.


Some of my pictures


Usability is all or nothing. Either is the passion for the users, the business goals put above all else or


Usability os all or nothing. Either is the passion for the users, the business goals put above all else or


Usability os all or nothing. Either is the passion for the users, the business goals put above all else or


Usability os all or nothing. Either is the passion for the users, the business goals put above all else or

Mårten Angner | Interaction Design Technology | Fredsborgsgatan 25 117 58 Stockholm | marten@angner.se | +46707770579