Cloud Nine is one of Sweden’s largest independent provider of web solutions. The company has been around since 1999 and apparently they know how the web works. It was therefore quite the honor to be asked to hold a seminar about my sketching techniques in regards on how to not to rush to finished designs before knowing if the functions are as optimal as they can be. The Creative Director Martin Bystedt was quite happy with the seminar and has found use of the technique in the work:

Mårten Angners seminar in sketching was really valueble for us. We thought that although the separate building stones in the process were basically “old knowledge”, tied together this way it became a bit of an eye opener.

Many sketches have been made and customers have already become involved in our creations. One customer felt it was wonderful that it doesn’t look as “finished” as a sketch made in Photoshop tend to. This way we can focus on function, not design.

We have now acquired brown paper rolls so we can sketch, cut and move the site flows around, in the sketches. Our walls are covered in works of art, which soon will find itself competing with snazzy brown paper sketches.

/ Martin Bystedt, Creative Manager/Art Director, Cloud Nine


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