• Usage testing

    Usage testing

    I use Usage testing to ensure that an interactive solution works as expected. It there is any problems with the interface all information needed to correct it is usually in the test...

    Speaker & Teacher
  • Social media strategy

    Social media strategy

    The social media explosion on the Internet is setting new rules for all parts of the society. I guide business in the process of going from monologue and marketing to dialog and transparency in...

    Speaker & Teacher
  • Eye tracking

    Eye tracking

    The most effective way of telling if an interactive design is working is using eye tracking. With this state of the art technology you can see what the users see and get a clear answers on what works...

    Usability Expert
  • Effect Mapping

    Effect Mapping

    The effect map is an extremely effective method to identify what an interactive solution should contain. It tells you which features are adding value to the business and which should be...

    Speaker & Teacher
  • Design & art direction

    Design & art direction

    After more than 15 years as a graphic artist and with extensive experience in the design of both printed and digital media, I have mastered a minimalistic approach, focused on simplicity and...

    Interaction Design