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BusinessDevelopmentServiceTeaserPeople spend more and more of their lives connected. This gives rise to an increasing demand for interactive products and services. I help companies adapt their business to be successful in meeting these demands.

Today computers and mobile Internet services have become a natural part of daily life for millions of people over the entire planet. This transition from off line to on line does not make the big headlines any more, it is just a fact of life. This is changing the way we work, consume and socialize. The Internet is suddenly not just a communication channel, mirroring or complementing the real world, it is the real world.

Only a fraction of the existing businesses is good at meeting their customer’s needs in interactive channels. To become good at this is not harder than becoming good at any new field. Either you are already doing it, or you must be wiling acquire this knowledge.

I help companies to make this transmission smoothly and to minimize the risks involved in expanding into interactive channels. The transition may look very different depending on the type of business and what goals the client wants to achieve.

The goal may be to make more money by adding e-commerce capabilities on their sites. Or it may be to improve customer service by turning the screen towards the customers and let them serve themselves. Lately though, the most common request is about if and how the client could take advantage of the exploding field of social media in their business. Improving the profitability by interactive solutions may be targeted at external or internal users.

User value ensures return on investment


This illustration shows how the users gain from using a system must be greater then the pain in order for it to be appreciated and get to return of investment for the system owner.

When I work with business development the obvious starting point is to ensure that my client knows exactly how the customers behave in interactive channels today. If this is unknown territory I help my clients to conduct the user research needed to ensure that any hypothesis we might have is anchored in reality.

Based on the knowledge gathered about the users and their current behavior I help my clients set goals and systematically develop the new offerings and solutions. I use the Effect Management Method in order to get this right. I especially focus my contributions on ensuring that the  users will get more value than they have to invest in terms of money and effort. If this is the not the case, the users won’t find the service worthwhile.

In my opinion it is impossible to separate the business from the user experience. There for an analysis of an on line business I will in most cases be complemented by Effect Mapping and Conceptual Design in order to make any solutions and recommendations complete and easy to implement.

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How to set up an eye tracking study – frequently given answers

A well-executed eye tracking study can help web based businesses improve considerably. I have developed ways to make this sophisticated technology quick and convenient for the client to adopt in their continuous improvement efforts. My methodology makes clients directly involved in the process. People often ask me how I set up and execute an eye-tracking study from a practical point of view. Here are my answers.

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My contribution


Merajobb engaged me to lead the redesign their job site

I was asked to join the team at Merajobb, the collective job site for three of Sweden’s largest newspapers, to completely redesign their site.  My role was to lead, analyze user needs, create a site concept and make sure no greatness was lost in the process.  The team, consisting of  the developers at HR north, designer Jonas Björkman from The Art of job and I completed the project in record speed.

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My contribution


Presenting methods for exploring multiple design routes at Hyper Island

Starting the design process can be overwhelming for any designer. There is always the risk of designing for the wrong target group or getting stuck in front of a blank Photoshop document. To be efficiente, all designers has to find well working methods for exploring design solution without draining the project budget. In my second presentation at Hyper Island, I shared two of my favorite design methods, effect mapping and visual moodboards!

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My contribution


Presentation of my work at Saga Bio in Alingsås

Internet strategy, interactive marketing, interaction design and usability affects all businesses today. This became clear to me when I presented my point of view for the Alingsås marketing foundation, yesterday eventing. My goal was to get a brief insight in how to utilize the potential and opportunities that opens up for small businesses, when Internet penetration reaches all of us. Here is my presentation!

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My contribution


Ginza enganged me to redesign their check out process

In an Eye tracking study I conducted for Ginza, users had a hard time getting through the payment process. I was asked to completely redesign the complete check out process. The final solution when published reduced the customer care issues drastically and resulted in an 18% increase in invoice payments, and an over all increase of the payment conversion rate by almost 2%.

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My contribution


Engaged as an in house usability expert at Rebtel

RebtelHeartI have wanted to work with a telecommunication operator for a long time. International calling is filled with exciting challenges for a user experience designer. Through signing of a contract with Rebtel this dream will finally come true!

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Words from my clients

Mårten helped us find new ways of doing business!
Pontus Rosin, Partner, Adeptic Technologies AB
It’s genius in its simplicity!
Mårten’s eye tracking study became a how-to-guide for creating a successful site
Jonas Persson, CEO, Box Experience
Mårten is full of energy and great ideas, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
Jonas Björkman, Art Of Job
Cool sketching session with Mårten
Martin Bystedt, Cloud Nine
Mårten’s sketching seminar was like creativity-in-a-box
Mikael Palmér, NetRelations AB
Mårten’s sketching techniques helped us improve our design process
Niclas Giertz, Creuna AB
Mårtens eye tracking study made us know our users a thousand times better!
Maja Lindström, Rebtel
Mårten helps us to focus on the right things at the right time!
Maja Lindström, Rebtel
Working with Mårten was very rewarding
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