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ArtTeaser After more than 15 years as a graphic artist and with extensive experience in the design of both printed and digital media, I have mastered a minimalistic approach, focused on simplicity and functionality in presenting a message.

The love for design and typography has followed me for longer than I can remember. When I was 10 years old wished for Letraset rub on letters for Christmas and when I was 14 I finally decided to become an art director. In collage i studied pre press technique and typography and I started my first design company designing graphic profiles and marketing material for clients at the age of 17. I embrace the classic craftsmanship that I got in school and are still using the graphic measurement system based on Cicero and Points when designing printed material.

In the late nineties my passion for technology led me into designing for the web, applying my design skills into multiple channels. Today I focus more and more on art direction and interaction design but still love to loose myself into pixels and letters and everything else that has to do with it.

I firmly believe that when it comes to design of interactive systems the aesthetic qualities can not be separated from the technology or the interaction design. In order to produce a tight concept these aspects will need do be addressed simultaneously. When I an asked to perform this kind of design work I usually start with the interaction design then detailing the appearance step by step in an iterative process.

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Will front page carousels improve your conversion rate?

Top Carusel, front page slider, the thing on the top of web sites has many names. It is also deeply loved by designers and clients. Having content slide across the page feels like both good investment of screen estate and manages to show multiple offers to the site visitor. It seems like a match made in heaven. But does it really perform well to boost conversion?

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Mårten is full of energy and great ideas, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Hi, I’m Jonas Björkman from The art of  job. I had the pleasure of  working with Mårten Angner during the redesign of This was my first project with Mårten and his way of working was both productive and efficient. Sometimes effectiveness can stand in the way of creativity but in this project I would say quite the contrary, Mårtens input did always contribute to my work.

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Presenting methods for exploring multiple design routes at Hyper Island

Starting the design process can be overwhelming for any designer. There is always the risk of designing for the wrong target group or getting stuck in front of a blank Photoshop document. To be efficiente, all designers has to find well working methods for exploring design solution without draining the project budget. In my second presentation at Hyper Island, I shared two of my favorite design methods, effect mapping and visual moodboards!

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Let’s make QR Code mobile tags for our business cards!

The mobile tag technology is being introduced nice and slow on the market. Up to this date only the Asian markets has a large penetration of this technology, that makes printed material far more interactive. One of the coolest uses for it, is to use the tags on a business card. Please scan my personal information presented here with your QR Code reader or let me show you how to do it yourself. It is surprisingly simple!

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Words from my clients

Mårten helped us find new ways of doing business!
Pontus Rosin, Partner, Adeptic Technologies AB
It’s genius in its simplicity!
Mårten’s eye tracking study became a how-to-guide for creating a successful site
Jonas Persson, CEO, Box Experience
Mårten is full of energy and great ideas, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
Jonas Björkman, Art Of Job
Cool sketching session with Mårten
Martin Bystedt, Cloud Nine
Mårten’s sketching seminar was like creativity-in-a-box
Mikael Palmér, NetRelations AB
Mårten’s sketching techniques helped us improve our design process
Niclas Giertz, Creuna AB
Mårtens eye tracking study made us know our users a thousand times better!
Maja Lindström, Rebtel
Mårten helps us to focus on the right things at the right time!
Maja Lindström, Rebtel
Working with Mårten was very rewarding
Anna Madsen Holiday Autos

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